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This is a picture of me with a small rubber duck suctioned to my cheek. When I was 15, and still figuring out the things that made me unique, I thought it would be cool to keep a small rubber duck attached to my face. It wasn’t, but I loved that duck. His name was Duck o’ The Irish, because he had a small shamrock printed on his chest, and I took him with me everywhere. One day I could not find Duck o’ The Irish, and I grieved for him for many months. My little sister began a collection of similar ducks however and she came into the possession of an identical, shamrock-clad duck. She offered it to me, but I graciously refused — for there was only one Duck o’ The Irish for me. I lived duckless for many years, until the other day when I found this duck in the attic. Initially I thought, perhaps, it was the original Duck o’ The Irish, but then I realized it could just as easily have been the one belonging to my dear sister. But, alas! Oho! I found earlier that my little sister’s Irish duckling was still parked in a mug in her room. So unless she had more ducks just like it than the one, we could stand to reason that the one I found in the attic was indeed my Duck o’ The Irish, reunited with me at last. Of course, this logic falls apart if in fact my little sister owned several ducks like this one, but there’s no way to confirm it. I suppose I will continue living as if this duck on my face is my beloved duck, and I won’t worry about the legitimacy of that viewpoint. There’s a comfort in not having the answer sometimes, and there’s always the option of asking God, who is all-knowing, if and when I get to heaven. And now you’ve read a very long, needlessly informative post about something which you stand to gain nothing by knowing about, and I hope this the low point of your mindless, nocturnal dash-scrolling, so that you may realize that you’re only wasting time you could be spending asleep. Go to sleep



Whatcha’ thinkin’ bout?

"You getting over here"



Littering is now a more expensive infraction than possessing an ounce or less of marijuana in Washington DC.



Any salad can be a Caesar salad if you stab it enough

Red vs. Blue summary
Blues: government conspiracies, alien quests, prophecies, racial enslavement, and other crazy subplots
Reds: fuck shit up